About us - PROIZD™
About us
Proizd.ua is a ticket sales service. The service was created for the comfortable purchase of train, bus and plane tickets. You can quickly select the route and pay easily from any device: smartphone, tablet, computer.
It’s easy to buy tickets for proizd.ua!
You can buy tickets on proizd.ua in a few minutes
Trains: all routes of “Ukrzaliznytsia” trains
Buses: the largest selection of tickets in Ukraine and Europe
Aircraft: unified search for low-cost airlines and scheduled flights
Fines: a convenient service for paying fines!
You can buy tickets on proizd.ua in a few minutes
Service functionality
create an account automatically after paying for the ticket
1-click payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay
add tickets to Apple Wallet
ticket refund in 3 clicks
honest reviews of passengers about each train
train rating based on passenger voting
viber/sms message with ticket number
The target audience
Women 55%, Men 45%
Age 20-45 years old, core 25-34 years old
We have been working since December 21, 2014. For 8 years, our team has achieved convincing results of customer confidence:
7,200,000 tickets sold
25 professional specialists on the staff
5% ticket sales market
Consumer audience
Country of service users, TOP-3
Ukraine - 94%
UK - 1.3%
Poland - 1%
City of service users, TOP-3
Kyiv - 40%
Dnipro - 5%
Kharkiv - 5%
Consumer analytics
Buyers audience
Analytics of buyers: the operating system and the bank.
The operating system:
Android - 58%
Windows - 20%
iOS - 17%
The bank:
Pryvatbank - 60%
Monobank - 22%
Oschadbank - 8%
Social media marketing
Proizd.ua is a popular brand on social media.
Number of subscribers:

View count:
Mobile Applications
Free download from Apple Store, Google Play.
Lightweight application, high speed.
You can open and use tickets from the application, without downloading or printing.
Installed proizd.ua apps:
Android 157,000
iOS 159,000
Support service 24/7
24-hour customer support proizd.ua - help by phone and online in emerging issues. Our specialists answer all calls and messages related to the purchase, issuance and use of tickets.
In 2022, our Customer Support handled 53,000 incoming calls and 20,000 messages from our customers. We are in touch with you 24/7 to promptly help resolve all issues.
Email marketing
For effective communication with Clients, we use e-mail newsletters. We regularly inform our users about service updates, promotions and discounts.
Total contact base:
Contact base structure:
with e-mail addresses: 1,170,291
with phone numbers: 1,419,025
with Mob Push: 13 000
Google trends
The dynamics of search queries proizd.ua shows stable growth every year. The maximum indicators are on the eve of the New Year holidays.
Why is it better to buy from us?
choose the best seats
control the payment and return of the ticket
get support 24/7: online and by phone