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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions with short answers.

Railway tickets online

Tickets that you receive after payment is a complete travel documents, which gives you the right to travel by ukrainian trains. Tickets are of 2 types: electronic and delayed printing.

Electronic ticket

This is a travelling document you can go directly to your train car with.

Delay print ticket

Ticket with delay printing - is a travel document that needs to be exchanged at the railway ticket office, at any time, but no later than 15 minutes before train departure. Big railway stations have separate ticket offices for exchanging delay printing tickets to real tickets.


You can pay for your tickets using banking cards VISA/MASTER CARD/MAESTRO.

Top/Bottom seat

Top/bottom position in ukrainian trains is numbered as follows: even - the top, odd - the bottom.

Tickets for children seat

Ukrainian railways has discounts for children. The discount amount depends on the age of the child, you can see after you have specify the age of the child and add tickets to the basket. Ticket for the child is only valid if you submit a document confirming the child's age, when boarding on a train. Children up to 6 years old travel for free, without a separate seat. Children from 6 to 14 years old have a discount. Children from 14 years old have full price of the ticket. When travelling with more than 2 children up to 6 years old per 1 adult you need to buy a ticket for a seat.

Luggage transportation

Passenger has a right to take a baggage not more then 36 kilograms.

Transportation of animals

Dogs: - transportation of animals is carried out in the presence of a veterinary document and an electronic ticket for the transportation of the animal (you need to put a mark on the transportation of the animal under the passenger's data); - dogs of small breeds must be transported in a bag with a waterproof or absorbent bottom. Animals can also be transported in SV cars provided that all seats in the compartment are redeemed; - dogs of large breeds (above 45 cm) are transported in a muzzle and on a leash, in a separate compartment, in which the owner of the animal must buy all 4 seats. Cats: - cats are transported in special boxes, baskets, cages with a waterproof or absorbent bottom. For transportation it is necessary to issue a receipt for the transportation of the animal (put a mark on the transportation of the animal under the passenger's data). One passenger can transport only one cat. Birds: - small house animals and decorative house birds (not more than two individuals) are transported in boxes, baskets, cages or containers with a waterproof absorbent bottom (not more than one place of hand luggage).

Documents required for travel

For travelling by ukrainian railways you need to have one of the following identity documents: - passport; - birth certificate (for children up to 14 years); - driver's license.