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Train information TYNDA → KISLOVODSK

Train № 097Э

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Schedule for train 097Э

TYNDA00:45:0000:45:0000:00:000 km
HOROGOCHI02:17:0002:16:0000:01:0081 km
LARBA03:19:0003:18:0000:01:00133 km
LOPCHA04:14:0004:13:0000:01:00180 km
CHILCHI05:02:0005:01:0000:01:00229 km
IUKTALI07:39:0007:24:0000:15:00337 km
OLEKMA09:46:0009:43:0000:03:00431 km
HANI11:30:0011:00:0000:30:00486 km
IKABIA13:46:0013:44:0000:02:00593 km
NOVAIA CHARA15:05:0014:20:0000:45:00631 km
KUANDA17:50:0017:40:0000:10:00789 km
TAKSIMO20:03:0019:13:0000:50:00881 km
OKUSIKAN21:41:0021:38:0000:03:00979 km
KIUHELBEK22:37:0022:35:0000:02:001034 km
NOV.UOIAN23:52:0023:39:0000:13:001107 km
ANGOIA00:49:0000:47:0000:02:001168 km
KICHERA01:38:0001:36:0000:02:001222 km
NIJNEANGAR02:15:0002:13:0000:02:001259 km
SEVEROBAIK04:00:0002:45:0001:15:001285 km
ULKAN06:10:0006:08:0000:02:001419 km
KIRENGA06:51:0006:48:0000:03:001460 km
NEBEL07:35:0007:33:0000:02:001497 km
NIIA08:08:0008:06:0000:02:001527 km
ZVEZDNAIA08:49:0008:47:0000:02:001564 km
LENA10:31:0010:01:0000:30:001628 km
KORSH ANGAR13:20:0013:07:0000:13:001797 km
VIDIM14:50:0014:48:0000:02:001887 km
KEJEMSKAIA15:50:0015:48:0000:02:001945 km
GIDROSTR16:49:0016:46:0000:03:002009 km
PADUNS POR17:12:0017:09:0000:03:002022 km
ANZEBI17:48:0017:45:0000:03:002055 km
VIHOREVKA18:40:0018:15:0000:25:002079 km
CHUNA20:39:0020:37:0000:02:002207 km
SOSN RODN20:54:0020:52:0000:02:002219 km
TAISHET23:09:0022:39:0000:30:002348 km
RESHOTY00:08:0000:07:0000:01:002411 km
ILANSKAIA01:39:0001:17:0000:22:002487 km
KANSK ENIS02:12:0002:10:0000:02:002519 km
ZAOZERNAIA03:16:0003:15:0000:01:002600 km
KRASNOIARSK PASS06:37:0005:52:0000:45:002766 km
KOZULKA08:48:0008:47:0000:01:002884 km
ACHINSK09:48:0009:45:0000:03:002950 km
BOGOTOL10:52:0010:50:0000:02:003018 km
ITAT11:38:0011:36:0000:02:003055 km
TIAJIN12:12:0012:10:0000:02:003091 km
MARIINSK13:30:0013:02:0000:28:003151 km
ANJERSKAIA15:17:0015:15:0000:02:003268 km
TAIGA15:50:0015:46:0000:04:003299 km
IURGA 116:55:0016:53:0000:02:003372 km
NOVOSIBIRSK GL20:13:0019:21:0000:52:003528 km
BARABINSK23:57:0023:27:0000:30:003831 km
CHANY01:21:0001:19:0000:02:003934 km
OMSK04:23:0003:48:0000:35:004155 km
ISILKUL06:59:0006:09:0000:50:004293 km
PETROPAVL09:26:0008:46:0000:40:004428 km
PETUHOVO10:50:0010:45:0000:05:004517 km
MAKUSHINO11:27:0011:26:0000:01:004565 km
LEB SIBIR12:01:0012:00:0000:01:004611 km
VARGASHI12:39:0012:38:0000:01:004656 km
KURGAN13:40:0013:20:0000:20:004695 km
IURGAMYSH14:31:0014:30:0000:01:004752 km
MISHKINO15:00:0014:59:0000:01:004786 km
SHUMIHA15:36:0015:35:0000:01:004828 km
SCUCHE16:06:0016:05:0000:01:004865 km
CHELIABINSK18:10:0017:25:0000:45:004953 km
MIASS 119:44:0019:42:0000:02:005049 km
ZLATOUST20:54:0020:52:0000:02:005113 km
BERDIAUSH21:56:0021:55:0000:01:005165 km
SULEIA22:27:0022:26:0000:01:005188 km
VIAZOVAIA23:22:0023:17:0000:05:005237 km
UST KATAV23:46:0023:41:0000:05:005251 km
KROPACHEVO00:37:0000:14:0000:23:005273 km
UFA04:18:0003:33:0000:45:005434 km
SHAFRANOVO06:54:0006:52:0000:02:005571 km
AKSAKOVO07:41:0007:39:0000:02:005626 km
ABDULINO08:49:0008:30:0000:19:005683 km
BUGURUSLAN10:10:0010:08:0000:02:005778 km
NOVOOTRADN11:25:0011:23:0000:02:005863 km
KINEL12:14:0012:12:0000:02:005916 km
SAMARA13:43:0012:53:0000:50:005957 km
SYZRAN 116:28:0016:23:0000:05:006093 km
KUZNECK18:22:0018:17:0000:05:006225 km
PENZA 121:06:0020:15:0000:51:006346 km
SERDOBSK23:08:0023:06:0000:02:006458 km
RTISCEVO 100:15:0000:04:0000:11:006505 km
ARKADAK01:10:0001:08:0000:02:006556 km
BALASHOV PASS02:21:0001:58:0000:23:006614 km
POVORINO04:29:0004:14:0000:15:006693 km
NOVOHOPERS05:21:0005:19:0000:02:006751 km
TALOVAIA06:19:0006:17:0000:02:006819 km
BOBROV07:04:0007:02:0000:02:006868 km
LISKI08:16:0008:00:0000:16:006918 km
ROSSOSH10:54:0010:19:0000:35:007034 km
MILLEROVO13:52:0013:50:0000:02:007228 km
KAMENSKAIA14:52:0014:50:0000:02:007299 km
LIHAIA15:31:0015:15:0000:16:007323 km
ZVEREVO16:04:0016:02:0000:02:007347 km
SULIN16:32:0016:30:0000:02:007366 km
SHAHTNAIA17:10:0017:08:0000:02:007395 km
NOVOCHERKAS18:25:0018:23:0000:02:007436 km
ROSTOV GL19:52:0019:26:0000:26:007487 km
KUSCEVKA21:04:0021:01:0000:03:007573 km
TIHORECKAIA22:29:0022:24:0000:05:007669 km
KAVKAZSKAIA23:53:0023:35:0000:18:007731 km
ARMAVIR ROSTOVSKII01:08:0001:05:0000:03:007797 km
NEVINNOMYS02:14:0002:09:0000:05:007878 km
MINERALNYE VODY04:14:0003:32:0000:42:007985 km
PIATIGORSK04:50:0004:45:0000:05:008011 km
ESSENTUKI05:15:0005:10:0000:05:008028 km
KISLOVODSK05:46:0005:46:0000:00:008049 km

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Details of train 097Э

For passengers
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The train № 097Э departs from the primary station TYNDA at 00:45 and arrives to the end station KISLOVODSK at 05:46. The total time of the train journey is 39:30, for which he overcomes distance of 8049 kilometers. The route runs through 110 stations.

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