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Station Nevel 2


Trains that pass through the station Nevel 2

Train numberDeparture stationArrival timeStay timeDeparture timeEnd station
079Ч Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii22:57:0000:03:0023:00:00Kaliningrad Pass
061Щ Kishineu03:59:0000:17:0004:16:00Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii
058Б Grodno07:0000:0307:03Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii
057Б Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii06:1400:0306:17Grodno
052Б Brest C00:31:0000:02:0000:33:00Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii
083А Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii00:51:0000:02:0000:53:00Gomel
051Б Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii01:33:0000:02:0001:35:00Brest C
053А Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii23:20:0000:02:0023:22:00Kharkiv-Pas
061Ь Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii04:02:0000:02:0004:04:00Kishineu
143О Kharkiv-Pas05:15:0000:02:0005:17:00Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii
057М Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii06:1400:0306:17Grodno
054К Kyiv-Pasazhyrsky05:15:0000:02:0005:17:00Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii

Location of the station Nevel 2

On our service PROIZD™ everybody can easily and without any problems buy tickets Nevel 2 to all type of wagons. Administration of our service warns, that the timetables of trains for Nevel 2 can change periodically, that's why we recommend you to check availability of seats enough days prior.
Through the in average 12 trains go by, 0 of these trains are Intercity trains and 3 of them are fasted trains. Majority of trains go by in first half of a day. Earliest train 052Б arrives on railway station Nevel 2 at 00:31:00, does a stop for 2 minutes and departures at 00:33:00. Most latest train 053А arrives at 23:20:00, does a stop for 2 minutes and departures at 23:22:00. Average stop time is about 3 minutes. Some of trains which go through Nevel 2, don't pass every day, they have special timetable. You can buy railway tickets for train Nevel 2 45 days prior.