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Station Kamenskaia


Trains that pass through the station Kamenskaia

Train numberDeparture stationArrival timeStay timeDeparture timeEnd station
077Ч Moskva Paveleckaia17:51:0000:02:0017:53:00Stavropol
360Ч Kaliningrad Pass13:51:0000:02:0013:53:00Adler
049Ч Kislovodsk03:28:0000:02:0003:30:00Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi
097С Kislovodsk03:13:0000:02:0003:15:00Tynda
077С Stavropol09:06:0000:02:0009:08:00Moskva Paveleckaia
397А Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi01:3200:0201:34Mahachkala
033С Vladikavkaz11:49:0000:02:0011:51:00Moskva Kazanskaia
325Е Perm 220:35:0000:02:0020:37:00Novorossijsk
097Э Tynda14:50:0000:02:0014:52:00Kislovodsk
115А S-Pet-Lad.00:49:0000:02:0000:51:00Adler
360С Adler14:49:0000:02:0014:51:00Kaliningrad Pass
146Э Moskva Kazanskaia15:39:0000:02:0015:41:00Nazran
126Э Moskva Kazanskaia18:20:0000:02:0018:22:00Novorossijsk
057И Irkutsk Pas14:50:0000:02:0014:52:00Kislovodsk
150Б Minsk Pas20:3800:0220:40Mineralnye Vody
084Э Adler06:2600:0206:28Moskva Kurskaia
057С Kislovodsk03:13:0000:02:0003:15:00Irkutsk Pas
126С Novorossijsk01:25:0000:02:0001:27:00Moskva Kazanskaia
336С Novorossijsk04:16:0000:02:0004:18:00Ekaterinburg-Pass
377Я Moskva Paveleckaia17:51:0000:02:0017:53:00Novorossijsk
034С Moskva Kazanskaia15:49:0000:02:0015:51:00Vladikavkaz
397С Mahachkala23:0000:0223:02Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi
035А Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi19:53:0000:02:0019:55:00Adler
369Щ Baku Pass20:30:0001:00:0021:30:00Kyiv-Pasazhyrsky
302Б Minsk Pas20:45:0000:02:0020:47:00Adler
369О Kharkiv-Pas04:55:0001:00:0005:55:00Baku Pass
139Н Novosibirsk Gl11:02:0000:02:0011:04:00Adler
309С Vorkuta09:53:0000:02:0009:55:00Adler
083С Moskva Kurskaia18:0100:0218:03Adler
140Н Adler08:44:0000:02:0008:46:00Novosibirsk Gl
310Э Adler10:22:0000:02:0010:24:00Vorkuta
382С Groznyi15:14:0000:02:0015:16:00Moskva Kazanskaia
109В Moskva Kurskaia20:4700:0220:49Anapa
087Г Nijniy Novgorod-Moskovsk18:11:0000:02:0018:13:00Adler
378С Novorossijsk09:06:0000:02:0009:08:00Moskva Paveleckaia
302С Adler08:34:0000:02:0008:36:00Minsk Pas
116С Adler02:47:0000:02:0002:49:00S-Pet-Lad.
326С Novorossijsk04:16:0000:02:0004:18:00Perm 2
948С Millerovo20:0800:0220:10Veseloe
019С Rostov Gl17:42:0000:02:0017:44:00Moskva Kazanskaia
390Б Minsk Pas20:45:0000:02:0020:47:00Anapa
121С Vladikavkaz23:04:0000:02:0023:06:00Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi
088С Adler07:47:0000:02:0007:49:00Nijniy Novgorod-Moskovsk
049А Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi18:58:0000:02:0019:00:00Kislovodsk
109С Anapa06:3800:0206:40Moskva Kurskaia
941С Tihoreckaia19:4300:0219:45Millerovo
335Е Ekaterinburg-Pass20:35:0000:02:0020:37:00Novorossijsk
121А Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi01:33:0000:02:0001:35:00Vladikavkaz
036С Adler07:35:0000:02:0007:37:00Санкт-Петербург Glavnyi
145С Nazran14:13:0000:02:0014:15:00Moskva Kazanskaia
382Я Moskva Kazanskaia10:12:0000:03:0010:15:00Groznyi
149С Mineralnye Vody08:4200:0208:44Minsk Pas

Location of the station Kamenskaia

On our service PROIZD™ everybody can easily and without any problems buy tickets Kamenskaia to all type of wagons. Administration of our service warns, that the timetables of trains for Kamenskaia can change periodically, that's why we recommend you to check availability of seats enough days prior.
Through the in average 52 trains go by, 0 of these trains are Intercity trains and 0 of them are fasted trains. Majority of trains go by in first half of a day. Earliest train 115А arrives on railway station Kamenskaia at 00:49:00, does a stop for 2 minutes and departures at 00:51:00. Most latest train 121С arrives at 23:04:00, does a stop for 2 minutes and departures at 23:06:00. Average stop time is about 1 minutes. Some of trains which go through Kamenskaia, don't pass every day, they have special timetable. You can buy railway tickets for train Kamenskaia 45 days prior.

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