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Station Kalinkovichi


Trains that pass through the station Kalinkovichi

Train numberDeparture stationArrival timeStay timeDeparture timeEnd station
904З Brest C03:17:0000:11:0003:28:00Gomel
603Б Gomel22:36:0000:08:0022:44:00Brest C
903З Gomel22:36:0000:08:0022:44:00Brest C
906З Brest C01:11:0000:24:0001:35:00Vitebsk
905З Vitebsk00:49:0000:29:0001:18:00Brest C
631Б Gomel16:31:0000:45:0017:16:00Grodno
632Б Grodno05:03:0000:37:0005:40:00Gomel
932З Grodno05:03:0000:37:0005:40:00Gomel
061Щ Kishineu18:53:0000:13:0019:06:00Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii
675Ф Gomel08:01:0000:07:0008:08:00Brest C
609Б Gomel19:21:0000:04:0019:25:00Grodno
606Б Brest C01:11:0000:24:0001:35:00Vitebsk
604Б Brest C03:17:0000:11:0003:28:00Gomel
909З Gomel19:21:0000:04:0019:25:00Grodno
605Б Vitebsk00:49:0000:29:0001:18:00Brest C
676Ф Brest C17:25:0000:08:0017:33:00Gomel
061Ь Sankt-Peterburg Vitebskii12:29:0000:13:0012:42:00Kishineu
931З Gomel16:31:0000:45:0017:16:00Grodno
670Б Minsk Pas21:30:0000:32:0022:02:00Gomel

Location of the station Kalinkovichi

On our service PROIZD™ everybody can easily and without any problems buy tickets Kalinkovichi to all type of wagons. Administration of our service warns, that the timetables of trains for Kalinkovichi can change periodically, that's why we recommend you to check availability of seats enough days prior.
Through the in average 19 trains go by, 0 of these trains are Intercity trains and 0 of them are fasted trains. Majority of trains go by in first half of a day. Earliest train 905З arrives on railway station Kalinkovichi at 00:49:00, does a stop for 29 minutes and departures at 01:18:00. Most latest train 603Б arrives at 22:36:00, does a stop for 8 minutes and departures at 22:44:00. Average stop time is about 20 minutes. Some of trains which go through Kalinkovichi, don't pass every day, they have special timetable. You can buy railway tickets for train Kalinkovichi 45 days prior.